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Declaring that the world has never seen anything like current Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa, senior United Nations officials warned that the virus is “far ahead” of the global response.
While Ebola is crippling health services, it is also shutting down businesses, disrupting the production, sale and export of essential foodstuffs, and affecting schooling at all levels.
Community engagement, activism key to defeating EbolaCommunity engagement, activism key to defeating Ebola in West Africa
Community engagement and activism are critical in Sierra Leone’s ongoing battle against the spread of Ebola. Only with the support of the local population can the country, and West Africa, defeat the economic and health crises caused by the deadly virus.  
Needs of older persons in diasterUN spotlights unique needs, vulnerabilities of older persons
The United Nations is spotlighting the need to address the vulnerabilities facing older persons, who suffer disproportionately high levels of death and injuries in different types of emergencies and disasters, ranging from weather events and epidemics to armed conflict.
Suffering from schizophrenia should not have to mean enduring “a life sentence of isolation and poor physical health,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said as he urged the creation of better support networks and services for people living with the mental health disorder.
The United Nations in RNL
Gives honor society voice on issues and processes related to improving world health. (open)
STTI awarded NGO status by United Nations (2009)
Designation solidifies honor society’s commitment to U.N.’s mission. (open access)
Talk not enough to meet U.N. health goals, says nurse leader
By James E. Mattson
Social determinants, not disease management, are key. (open)
Tara Hulsey talks with Mary Norton
Tara Hulsey talks with Norton in the fifth installment of “The RNL Interviews.”​ (open)


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